Welcome to my blog! I hope you are thriving with mental peace. Have you asked yourself, why do you wish to start your career or side hustle in content writing? It may be because you love writing or writing is your passion. To make it very clear in the beginning, content is just a short word but has broader aspects

If you are unaware of this fact, do not worry your friend is here to help you. All my content in this blog will be related to these pointers:

  1. Pain points while starting the content writing career
  2. Learning content writing
  3. Getting started as a freelancer
  4. Tips for content writing jobs
  5. Advanced content writing career options: marketing and strategy development

This is the first blog regarding content writing which includes an overview of everything you are going to read in-depth in the future. Get ready to kickstart your career in freelancing and get paid for it. You can leave comments at the end to get your doubts cleared.

Content writing starts with niche
Content writing originates from the niche

1. What stops you from starting a career in content writing?

The human tendency of self-doubt prevents them from taking their first step in something that can turn into a gold mine for them. This self-doubt further causes procrastination and laziness which decreases your confidence in getting ahead in your career. 

Procrastination leads to the accumulation of pending work which incorporates feelings of fear. Fear could be anything like fear of competition. But you have to always believe in what I believe:

“Faith over fear”   

This proverb will reduce your stress and fill your heart with peace if you follow it. Instead of worrying about these pain points, people worry about the art of finding clients. But before worrying over this, I would suggest you take a mindset shift and try overcoming your fears. And the secret of success lies in only one thing:

Get started”  

2. Learning content writing

Do you remember those school days, where we learned about alphabets and spellings and then started practicing “writing”? Similarly, you can learn about the tips and tricks of content writing, but to have command over it, you need to practice it.

In the future, I will share some content writing courses and tutorials for beginners with you but to gain expertise in it, you will have to write yourself. Start writing 300 words daily.

If you are wondering what to write and where to get ideas for writing, then my simple suggestion would be to just read. Though reading is not mandatory to become a good content writer. But reading is a habit which can help you in more than 1 way, be it improving English, vocabulary, grammar, overall mindset shift, etc.

There are various types of content writing which we will discuss in the future. But as you are getting started, choose your favorite topic(in the technical language called niche), do a little research about it, and start writing. 

Most beginners worry about the niche, but as you are a beginner you must think more about learning the writing tips and then worrying about niche selection. If you have no idea about it, don’t worry your friend will cover this topic in the future.

3. Getting started as a content writing freelancer

This is the core subject and cannot be explained in a few lines. Even its introduction is long enough to write here. So refer to this video, to know what will be included in this category blogs:

4. Tips for writing jobs

Not all people wish to own a business, some find happiness in a full-time job. This section is for all those people who are looking for a content writing job.

In blogs regarding this topic, you will learn about tips on resume building, what to add to it and how to present it. 

Are you acquainted with the fact that employers view every resume for just 6 seconds?

You have to catch their eyes in as little time as you can. If you have job experience, including it in your resume will set a good impression. If you are an absolute beginner, you will have to make some changes in a resume format to catch their eyes.

There are several sites where you can create your profile and upload a resume to get jobs. This includes indeed.com, freshersworld, naukri.com, and the master of all: LinkedIn. You will get more information about why Linkedin is the master of all blogs regarding them.

5. Advanced content writing career options: marketing and strategy development

This section is for those people who have attained a certain level of expertise in content writing and are looking for upskilling themselves and boosting their freelancing careers.

After you have done a lot of research while writing content, you may have started getting ideas on different ways of organizing content and using it for marketing.

As marketing requires, correct strategies to be built, you can develop content strategies for your client. Most businesses are so busy producing content that they don’t focus on marketing their content properly. It is useful to remember that content marketing turns the targeted audiences into leads as content production increases your audience.

If you have developed a good command of content, you can easily build good strategies that help businesses in marketing. You can offer these services to various businesses depending on their niche and let them know that content marketing helps in building a connection with the audience which converts them into leads.

Here you go

So you finally know, what will be your takeaways from this blog and all the reasons why you should stick with me to kickstart your career as a content writer. In every upcoming blog, I will give you some work to do, and if you implement those techniques pretty well and practice the things I ask you to do, you can see changes in yourself.

My focus will be on implementation rather than just reading and I expect the same from you. Wish you all the success.